Membership Levels

LHFC membership consists of “Complimentary” health care providers such as herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, colon hydro-therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, as well as “conventional” providers, such as physicians, nurses, and social workers. Other members include consumers of herbal and nutritional supplements, health food stores, conventional and complimentary health (CCH) publishers, marketers and others devoted to CCH access are also encouraged to join us in our mission.

Student Membership

Full or part-time students at College or Professional Training courses, interested in participating in LHFC activities and serving on committees. Students will have voting privileges.

Individual Membership

I utilize natural health resources in the state of Louisiana and am interested in protecting our natural health rights and supporting the activities of the LHFC.

Business Sales Membership

Businesses that share the same interests as the LHFC and wishing to be actively involved in advocacy and CCH promotional activities. These members have voting and office holding privileges. Can include any business not in the health arena, but concerned about our health choice freedom.

Professional Membership

Reserved for health care practitioners. All CCH therapists who consider themselves practitioners are encouraged to join at this level. This includes practitioners of Mind-Body Medicine such as hypnosis, Alternative Medicine Systems such as naturopathy, colon hydrotherapy, Lifestyle Disease Prevention, Biologically-Based Therapies such as herbalism, Manipulative Body-Based Systems, such as chiropractic massage, Biofield Therapies, and Bioelectromagnetics. Membership is also open to allopathic practitioners who support a consumer’s right to choose complimentary medicine, incorporate it in their practice, refer clients to CCH practitioners and/or wish to learn more about the benefits of complimentary medicine. This category is also appropriate for marketers, lecturers, authors, and publishers specializing in promoting CCH practitioners and therapies, professional sales persons specializing in natural health products, and other professionals dedicated to natural health and/or freedom of access to these services and products. Professionals have voting and office holding privileges.

Corporate Membership

Professional or business that wishes to sponsor the LHFC in their goals and may have voting privileges limited by membership sponsor level as indicated by the level of DUES below. Supporter ($500), Patron ($1,000), Bronze ($2,500), Silver ($5,000), Gold ($10,000), and Platinum ($10,000)